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    One way to avoid the confusion of being able to select updates might be. Instead of having to select an update to read the change log make double clicking the update open the change log. Also would make reading the change logs easier.

    Thanks for testing. What AD are you connecting to?

    My goal was only to connect only to AD for authentication of samba. That is why you see the above. I have not used the other services for years. That said it should not be too hard to get them working. The users and groups are showing up with getent passwd and getent group and I think that is where OMV gets them from for the web ui. So I would think you should be able to create a share and assign groups and or users to it.

    Not sure why you want users ssh ing to OMV. But from the ssh settings page. Users must be assigned to the ssh group to be able to log in via SSH. So I guess you would need to create an "ssh user" in AD. Look at man sssd.conf there is some stuff about ssh service I think.

    Also I didn't try to manage AD from OMV.

    Please add what you learn so we can all learn also.

    PS: As you search you will find that even many experienced users are noobs at AD. Learn and share.

    This is not my issue only trying to help the op. And maybe explain why someone may want to do this at your request. It is going to cause support issues either way. We all see that some users don't read things until there is a problem. Those we can't help until something breaks. Documenting is for those who will read it. They should be supported too. LOL

    PS: You are an advanced user by many other definitions. You didn't get demoted by not ever doing this. LOL


    Anybody picking and choosing updates is probably an advanced user. Even advanced users don't know everything and deserve some support. A warning at least and then they can research or ask here. LOL

    Debian is free open source software. We use it for that reason. Restricting it is counter productive. Might as well go apple or windows if you don't mind being limited by the powers that be. Being free has a price and we have to prepare for what may happen. Being warned is good enough as far as I am concerned.

    I am not worried about me. I can usually handle whatever comes up. I agree that adding other things is at our own risk and an advanced and possibly unsupported state. But a warning is at least necessary.

    So at the moment The ui and apt dist-upgrade show this.

    openmediavault openmediavault-owntone openmediavault-photoprism openmediavault-s3 openmediavault-snmp

    This is hypothetical but if I only want to upgrade openmediavault-owntone. I choose that. Hitting "updates" gives see attacment.

    If the number selected does not match the total available. Please put an advanced tab explaining the philosophy and maybe how to get around it at your own risk. Including a warning to do a backup.


    As long as OMV can be installed on debian and other things can co exist I think it would be a good option to allow selection. This is not apple yet. Don't take that the wrong way please. Maybe add a warning if not all selected.

    In my case I would worry about samba updates breaking active directory. Could be in either debian or OMV. Since I run OMV on proxmox I just run a snapshot. Then I can roll back if needed and troubleshoot in a clone.

    For hardware I see some new intel nic seems not to work. I didn't follow it but if the workaround gets overridden that would not be good.

    Would be nice if OMV had a rollback feature. I think that would be too much work. Maybe taking a backup would be enough. But how many do that. LOL

    Don't know why /dev/sdg2 is recovering journal? If you are shutting down properly that is suspicious.

    Try this.

    root@omvad3:~# cat .profile

    # ~/.profile: executed by Bourne-compatible login shells.

    if [ "$BASH" ]; then

    if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then

    . ~/.bashrc



    test -t 0 && mesg n 2> /dev/null || true