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    The easy way to see it is

    root@omvad3:~# df -h

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

    udev 1.9G 0 1.9G 0% /dev

    tmpfs 393M 2.6M 390M 1% /run

    /dev/vda1 12G 7.7G 3.5G 69% /

    . Looks a little nicer than that and shows more disks. You could probably write a script to do it daily and make you a graph.

    You could also install "librenms". It does give many nice graphs for whatever you setup in it. Should be able to run on OMV. Nagios and probably others can do that too.

    Great work! I will be getting rid of 2012 soon because it no longer gets updates. And I have retired and don't have to stay up on windows anymore. I guess I don't really need ad either. But how hard can it be. LOL

    Thanks for trying this. Be aware that some changes may be overwritten by updates. smb.conf is one example. If you make changes be sure to do it in the extra options section in the web ui.

    The page you linked looks very helpful. It is over a year old but should still be good.

    What AD are you connecting to.

    Can you hook a monitor to the pi? If so you can use the cli (terminal). Then use omv-firstaid to set a static ip.

    You must have a dns or you couldn't get to the internet. It may be your router. If so you may be able to set a static ip reservation for the pi on that. It depends on your router how to do it. Then you probably can use the name to connect to omv.

    Hi- just making a mention here that I recently started having issues with GUI + getent and not showing my AD groups/users even though wbinfo -g was working, and so I needed to add this to my sssd.conf to get them to appear:

    enumerate = True

    Previously, I had this set to False because I was getting duplicate user/group entries (similar to this post)- I assume due to winbind + sssd both enumerating? But now it looks like I need it enabled and I am not seeing any duplicates. I haven't done any apt updates in a while so I am not sure what changed but yeah donh if you have any thoughts LMK.

    Could it be not showing due to the userid "uid" not be in the /etc/login.defs range?

    I have run OMV on proxmox since prxmox 4 and omv 2 or 3. Never had such a problem but I have never passed threw usb before. Try a vm without that. One thing I do see is the nic should should have "multi que" equal to the vm cpu core count. Probably not related tho.

    If it is taking a long time to boot, take a look at dmesg for some clues. Also try systemd-analyze blame. You may try sudo tail -f journalctl. May need some options after that on either proxmox or OMV.

    On the cli testparm will test if your settings are valid and show you the settings.

     Yourhost/#/services/smb/settings "Extra options" is the place to put your extra options. You can also create a directory mkdir /etc/samba/smbconf.d and add a file there with your configurations. Then add "include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.d" to "Exrra options".

    This is beta. Use at your risk. I did it in a proxmox 8 vm. I take snapshots after a few steps so if it doesn't work I can rollback.

    This is basicly the same as the this post.

    More detail there for other AD etc.

    Install debian 12 as minimal as possible. Be sure to put in your domain.

    If network is not working use "omv-firstaid" to fix.

    Allow ssh

    update to current

    Install OMV.

    apt install dnsutils mmdb-bin mlocate

    Make sure dns resolves your AD server forward and reverse. Same for AD to OMV.

    Don't use /etc/hosts because it will cause problems down the road. OMV controles it!

    Optional: Install certificate for web server.

    This is mostly from: OMV 6.X (RC1) Active Directory

    With help from the community

    In web ui apply the changes after most modifications.

    Be sure these are correct

    If you use dhcp it may be ok but check these!

    Set ntp to domain time server and time zone

    realm join -U donadmin

    If more than one use coma separator and no spaces

    Set network to static and domain dns servers

    Some apt installs will install some dependencies too.

    apt install realmd policykit-1

    realm discover

    Should give details including "client-software: sssd"

    apt install sssd sssd-tools libnss-sss libpam-sss adcli samba-common-bin packagekit-tools cracklib-runtime appstream ldap-utils sssd-dbus apt-config-icons gstreamer1.0-tools libsss-sudo gstreamer1.0-plugins-base libsss-simpleifp0

    realm join -U donadmin

    ssctl domain-list

    In samba settings extra options set this

    apt install winbind libsss-sudo libnss-winbind libpam-winbind libwbclient0

    cp /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf.bak

    nano /etc/nsswith.conf and set these lines like this.

    passwd: files winbind systemd sss
    group: files winbind systemd sss
    shadow: files systemd sss
    gshadow: files systemd


    Setup share and test.

    Feedback welcome.


    ipa-client-samba overwrites the smb.conf. To keep the settings persistent in OMV, the following steps must be carried out:

    Copy the complete content of smb.conf (without the homes part and workgroup) and paste it in the WebUI under Services -> SMB/CIFS -> Settings at the bottom under Extra options BEFORE saving any other changes.
    Check the "Enable NetBIOS" box.
    Set Workgroup to the short domain name (YOUR).

    Another option for saving settings that wont be over written.