Strange memory usage reported

    • OMV 4.x
    • Resolved

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    • My concern is that that graph starts with proper total memory 64GB. And suddenly it starts to lower the total amount (free + used) which is visible on the graph. As i see it this should never happen.
      The red for used should go up and down, but the blue should cover the rest and it's top line must continue to be straight. Otherwise seems like some memory is missing.

      I'm adding the week and month graphs, where it's much clearly visible. The dips are from reboots. As it can be seen it starts with Full graph at 64GB and then....

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    • bogesman wrote:

      My concern is that that graph starts with proper total memory 64GB
      I can't see on your screenshot 'total memory' being graphed at all (would be pretty useless anyway since why/how should the amount of total DRAM change after booting?!), the numbers graphed (Free+Used) start somewhere below 60GB and vary over time as it's expected.

      Seems you're using ZFS? Otherwise buff/cache should eat up everything over time...
    • Yes total is not graphed, but I'm just assuming that the sum of the parts should be equal to the total. Looking at this graph just makes me wonder where is the rest of the memory.
      And yes I use ZFS and have a 40GB arc.

      My expectation was something like this.

      Which seems more correct to me.
    • bogesman wrote:

      I use ZFS
      ...then the above is 'graphing numbers without meaning'. The stuff OMV does here is obviously only useful when using 'traditional' FS (even though the average OMV user often needs to consult first to prevent panic ;) )

      With ZFS you would need to use own data sources to get any meaningful graphs. Most probably the magic happens below /proc/spl/kstat/zfs/ (e.g. arcstats).
    • bogesman wrote:

      Is the server somehow losing memory bank or something like that
      Why/how? OMV doesn't graph 'total memory' at all since it makes no sense at all to do this (since total memory at boot time won't change later -- if a memory module gets corrupt you see data corruption and then the host crashing).

      The 4 values that are graphed by default end up with the total amount of memory when added. But only with traditional filesystems and not when using ZFS (then the graphs are simply weird).

      That's all. And I've to admit that I have no idea whether this will change anytime soon or at all given the status of ZFS in OMV.