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    I replaced each disk one by one and hit recover each time a disk was replaced. I have access to all the files. After that i followed used the command "mdadm --grow /dev/md127 --size=max" to grow the size. I'ts now showing 10.92TiB in Raid Management but it didn't reshape or grew the partitions/filesystems. If I hit resize in File Systems for one partition, nothing happens.

    I have two partitions:

    ignore /dev/sde1, it's an external usb HDD.

    Any advice? how can I resize the partition without loosing data?

    thank you.
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    Had set up a pihole/omw rpi3 using the following instructions:…?postID=152817#post152817.

    It had been working fine until a power outage, and now omv seems to have stopped working. I can no longer hit the webgui, and I am unable to access my files. My pihole and its webgui is working perfectly fine, but not my omv. Based on the instructions in the link above, I made sure to make sure everything was as is, but when i try to run nginx -t, i get the following error:

    nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address)

    Not exactly sure how to fix the issue. Would nginx failing to start cause issues with server access in addition to the webgui?
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    Dear all,

    after a long and good time with OMV 2 I decided to move on to OMV 4. I used a new system -hdd and made a fresh install.
    After installing the Plex-plugin I'm not sure if I simply could activate plex with the same plex-data-folder than before (with a complete other OMV and plex version) and what will happen after that ....

    Any suggestions, hints or case studies ;) ? Did anyone try that?

    Thanks in advance

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