[Docker] ruTorrent URL Path in Radarr

    • [Docker] ruTorrent URL Path in Radarr


      I am an old OMV user but new to docker. I love the potential here, and can clearly see that this is a great way forward for OMV.

      I have been able to set up ruTorrent and successfully completed a download and unpack to my usual download folder. I have also installed Radarr, scanned in my library and configured it with ruTorrent as a download client. I have entered the correct host address and port, and left the URL at the default RPC2. When I test the connection I get success.

      However, Radarr does not see the download in ruTorrent which I tagged with the radarr label - it is not showing up in the activity queue. I have searched and it might be something to do with the URL "RCP2" configured on the Radarr download client. I have come across this: "/path to ruTorrent/plugins/rpc/rpc.php" ... although I don't know the real path that docker installs this php.

      Can someone please help me - what is the correct URL path to use and where does docker save the rpc.php file?

      Thanks for any help