I can't copy or move files to shared folders from any pc or mac

    • OMV 4.x
    • I can't copy or move files to shared folders from any pc or mac

      Hi! Could somebody help me with that? I configured everything, my folders are good, my priviliges are configured, I can connect to my shared folders from any computer (win or mac) with the users I created. I can see the files and read the files but can't put/copy/move files in to my shared folders or subfolders. I tried it on Mac through AFP and Win through SMB, both the same. The drive is an usb drive with hfsplus format. What have I missed? Thank you.

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    • missed hfsplud format.

      hfsplus is read only (support only read to copy to your NAS not write on hfsplus) .

      use ext4 instead.
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    • Since this appears to be a permissions issue, note the following is speculation. (Others please chime in.)

      A few things to consider:

      1. Since you're using hfsplu, a Mac filesystem, it's apparent that this disk was not formatted by OMV. It was done on a Mac, where permissions were set for the Mac's users (and root).
      2. The data must have already been on the drive, when it was connected. (Since you can't move, delete, copy, this seems obvious.) So, when the drive was plugged into OMV, I'm guessing that the existing permissions have the equivalent of "Others" set to "read Only".

      Possible remedies?
      - You could load up the reset perms plugin. It adds a "Reset permissions Tab" in shared folders. Select a shared fold, the permission profile you want, toggle "clear ACL's" and save. Permissions are reset to OMV's users. (I don't know if this will work on a hfplus formatted drive or other foreign file systems.)
      - Reformat the drive with OMV, using a Linux native file system like EXT4. This will work, but you'd need to store data on another drive and copy it back to OMV over the network. (Do you have backup?)