After upgrading to 4.1.19-1 plugins work but do not show as installed in plugin list

    • OMV 4.x
    • Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x

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    • After upgrading to 4.1.19-1 plugins work but do not show as installed in plugin list

      I've succesfully upgraded from omv3 to 4.1.19-1.
      My plugins all work fine.
      The only issue I have is that in the plugin list, none of my plugins are showing as installed.
      i.e., the plugins show up in the main menu on the left and are working fine. But when I browse through the plugins list, no plugins have anything in the "installed" column (previously in omv3, installed plugins had a green check mark).
      Is this a problem? If so, is there a way to fix it?
      Will I be able to update my plugins when upgrades are available?
    • Please post the output of


      1. $ dpkg -l | grep openmediavault
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    • Here is the output of dpkg -l | grep openmediavault

      Source Code

      1. ii openmediavault 4.1.19-1 all openmediavault - The open network attached storage solution
      2. ii openmediavault-backup 4.0.5 all backup plugin for OpenMediaVault.
      3. ii openmediavault-keyring 1.0 all GnuPG archive keys of the OpenMediaVault archive
      4. ii openmediavault-omvextrasorg 4.1.15 all Package Repositories for OpenMediaVault
      5. ii openmediavault-plexmediaserver 3.8.2 all OpenMediaVault Plex Media Server plugin
      6. ii openmediavault-shellinabox 3.4 all Web-based SSH client.
      7. ii openmediavault-snapraid 3.7.3 all snapraid plugin for OpenMediaVault.
      8. ii openmediavault-syncthing 3.11 all Syncthing plugin for OpenMediaVault.
      9. ii openmediavault-unionfilesystems 4.0.2 all Union filesystems plugin for OpenMediaVault.
      10. ii openmediavault-virtualbox 4.1.1 all VirtualBox plugin for OpenMediaVault.
      I got virtualbox working ok by installing the backports using apt-get install -t stretch-backports linux-headers-amd64
      and then installing omv-extras from the command line.
      All the other plugins seem to have made it through the omv4 upgrade fine... they are just not showing as installed in the plugins list.
      Ie syncthing, snapraid, plex etc are all running