Want to install Plex on OMV Stoneburner. Not working

  • Hi all,

    Before I say anything I just want to point out that I am a complete beginner and I am only 15, so I don't know much about OMV. My problem is that I want to install Plex onto OMV so i can share photos and videos with all the devices in the house, I have been following this guide OMV-Extras.org Plugin but every time I go to upload the repo, I get an error (see attachment). What can I do to rectify this???


  • It is cool you are using linux at 15 and not spending all your day on Facebook!!!

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    When you get a lock message there is likely another upgrade going on. There could be a cron job running or something too that will not let you install a plugin. You can wait a while to try later. If you wait an hour and it still is not letting you I would reboot and then try.

    Good Luck and ask as many questions as you need too!!!

  • It seems that there is already a process running that locks dpkg. Usually this either means you're already installing something via CLI or a background process is running an apt-get update to update your package list.

    A reboot should solve this issue without further interaction.


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