Software RAID-6 array with SATA drives, moving them to a DAS?

  • I've had 8x 3TB drives running in a RAID-6 array for a couple of years now, all internal in a full tower case with SATA connectors (4 on a SATA expansion card, 4 on the motherboard).

    I'm looking at purchasing a Lenovo SA120 DAS ( which has 12 bays for drives, and will move all of the drives to the DAS. I plan to use an LSI 9200-8E PCIE ( for a controller card to connect the DAS to the existing tower server.

    I've never really used any server-level equipment for storage, and I was wondering if I would expect the array to automatically show up again once the DAS is connected to the PC / controller card (SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 cable). Will MDADM / OMV see the drives as they were connected via SATA cables and be OK with the new setup, or are there precautions or preparatory steps I should be thinking about before doing this? I will be adding 2 new drives to expand the array (and wiping a 3rd drive that got disconnected from my array (forcing it to 'clean, degraded') about 6 months ago and is now re-connected and listed under OMV 'physical disks' but not present in my array list of drives) if it makes any difference.

    Thanks in advance. :)8o

  • If you have the IT firmware (if available), the LSI card will present each drive to OMV and there is no difference compared to plugin each drive in a sata port on the motherboard.

    If you have the raid firmware (if it does raid), you need to create raid array(s) using the card's firmware. Then it will present OMV with one drive for each array.

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