anon has Samba write access

  • Hi all, I'm having some permission issues with a share. I'm sorry if I'm rehashing a common issue, I didn't find this in my search.

    I have created a share, and two id's, one has read write access, one has read only.

    Here's the settings I'm using:

    The only problem is I can write when not logged in at all, and I don't need to login if I use the IP.

    if I go to \\odroid\major\ I'm prompted for a password, and I won't be let in until I give it one. login as guest IS read only. login as general lets me write - that's what I'd expect.

    If I use an IP directly, and I go to \\\major\ I'm able to access it directly, with write capability, without login!

    if it helps here's my smb.conf

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