sabToSickbeard script not working on OMV 3.

  • SAB and SickRage plugins installed and set to Proxy pass in plugin settings.

    I have everything set up:-



    My Sab says running script then ok but nothing happens.
    Sab says this under More

    Loading config from /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/Scripts/autoProcessTV.cfgOpening URL: http://localhost:8081/sickbear…p.HDTV.x264-ORGANiC.1Then listed is what I think is the HTML code for the Sab layout. Strange.Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  • sorry not sure what the fix for your issue is. but i switched from sickbeard\rage a long while ago to sonarr if you haven't used it i would look into it as a replacement i find it far superior and everyone i know has also switched, i have a lot less hassle with sonarr then i use to with sickbeard\rage. and if you use couchpotato look into radarr if you end up liking sonarr.

    OMV 5 - 64 bit
    Dell T430, 16gb Ram, 5 x 3TB HDD Raid5, 1 x 120GB 2.5" SSD (OS)

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