DLNA stop working after few seconds on RPI 3

  • Hey guys i have a problem with OMV on my RPI3.
    I have succesfully installed DLNA plugin on my system but when i access on it through iPad or my Android device it stops working after a few seconds.
    Someone can help me?
    EDIT: The hard disk that is plugged in the RPI is a usb disk self powered.
    Thanks :)

  • ich gehe mal davon aus das es bei dir über das Netzwerkkabel rennt, in diesem Fall kannst du in der /etc/minidlna.conf
    das network_interface=eth0 setzen in dem du das # Zeichen auslöschst

  • I have selected Strict DLNA and TiVo support, and i have commented the network_interface row into the /etc/minidlna.conf but I still have the problem.

    There is a path were i can see the error log for the minidlna?

    Thanks guys

    EDIT: This is the log

  • Hi
    The key you have to run twice!

    gpg --recv-keys 82B129927FA3303E && gpg --export 82B129927FA3303E |apt-key add -
    apt update && apt upgrade

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