question/help needed regarding remote mount plugin

  • Hello all,

    I would like to use the remote Mount plugin to Mount into a dir. Right now it Mounts into /srv with a "diskid". The reason why i want to Mount into a dir, is I would like to use rsync/rsnapshot. Therefor i need a local dir.
    Any help/hint is welcome.
    At the Moment I followed the guide "Rsync two OMV machines".

    Thanks ahead

  • The remote mount plugin uses omv fs backend extension capability, that’s why it mounts like a fs. The plugin cannot mount to a folder. But in practical terms in Linux that is a folder. After you mount you can create a shared folder using the root of the remote fs mount point. Just add / in the path.

  • It is working although i get an error while creating the share. Something regarding the group "users".
    Thank you very much.
    I also understand now what was meant with "Include also the whole disk in this share (path: "/")" in the guide "Rsync two OMV machines" :D

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