NFS exports by IP address

  • I've just installed Open Media Vault on an ODROID HC1 and updated to 3.0.92. So far I have managed to access files on it using NAS.
    In the past I've just used a stock copy of the Debian-based distro that HardKernel provides, and have an extensive /etc/exports file.

    I have reserved addresses for 29 devices. Some are in regular use and some intermittent.

    I need to control access by device address, not user. The web interface appears to only allow a single address/mask.
    I tried using my old /etc/exports, but it appeared to be ignored.

    How do I control by address?

  • This was a request long time ago, the commit went through but this has never worked. The subnets or addresses are not parsed correctly into exports file. If you really need a custom exports then just disable the nfs server in omv, and use systemctl to enable it manually and edit your exports at your requirements.

    If i have time i'll take a look see if i can submit a PR to fix this issue that should've been fixed some time ago.

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