[Docker] Autorun containers at startup + Autoupdate images

  • Docker-CE 17.12.0 on OMV 4.0.15-1.

    I have several container images (from LinuxServer.io) and I have several questions about them:

    - Is there any way to make them to be autostarted whenever the server boots? I see there is a restart policy field but I am not sure it will autostart it at booting.

    Do the containers or the docker plugin include an autoupdate function or should I updated them manually (creating newer images then)? I have several messages from Plex client asking to be updated to latest stable release.

    I see there is a docker image that may get what I am looking for: Watchtower (https://github.com/v2tec/watchtower). Is there any more simple function or is this the unique way to go?


    omv 5.5.23-1 usul arm64

    omv 5.5.23-1 usul x64

  • Thank you a lot for your reply.

    Yeah, maybe a server does not need to be running on bleeding edge versions. I will keep it stable.

    omv 5.5.23-1 usul arm64

    omv 5.5.23-1 usul x64

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