the "wow" efect

  • I had the days the "wow" efect. My system has been running smoothly for over a year. The only thing I did was keep updating. Last week, for some reason, I had problems with certificates, nginx plugin and even smaller things. After several attempts I lost the desire and I was about to reinstall the system. Since I did not care then I made an update to the current 4.0.x. The upgrade went smoothly. The only plugin that could not be taken was fail2ban. After that restarted once and all problems were eliminated. Everything is good. I did not expect it that easy. Many thanks to Volker and Aron and all the others who take care of the system and the plugins. Thanks alot!

    omv 6.x | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 6.x |
    used plugins: omv-extras | portainer | rsnapshot | antivirus
    used container: portainer/portainer | nextcloud/all-in-one | linuxserver/swag | paperless-ngx | jellyfin/jellyfin | lmscommunity/logitechmediaserver | adguard/adguardhome |

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