Transmission and multiple drives

  • Hello!

    Does anyone know how i can keep downloading when my drive is full, using Transmission?
    I have more disks empty, but i dont know how i can add torrents to them, while keeping the ones i am sharing still available..
    While i am using Deluge for Windows, it can spread downloads in multiple drives and keep them active, but on Transmission, i dont know how to do it..
    Options apparently only allow me to have a single disk.

    Hope i explained well, English is not my native language.... Thank you!

  • No, your current data isn't affected when using that plugin. It will create a new mount point with a long string of characters, and you can access it like an individual drive. You can make a new shared folder there and point Transmission to it, and depending on the rules you define with the unionfilesystems plugin, the data will automatically span all the drives you've specified. You'll also still be able to access the individual drives.

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