Dispatching HTTP(S) traffic

  • Hi there,

    I just want to ask for an advice, best practice information. I started to use multiple HTTP(S) servers within OMV installation:

    - standard OMV Nginx (admin page etc)
    - docker container with Nginx for certificate updates (let's encrypt)
    - docker container with Nginx for Nextcloud

    I want to add a simple wordpress blog, and possibly other functions in future.

    I want to base on subdomains like blog.domain.com; cloud.domain.com and redirect traffic basing on subdomain content. But my Tomato router now simply forwards HTTP(S) calls to one certain server.

    What would be recommended way to dispatch HTTP(S) traffic like that? Shall I reconfigure one of existing Ngnix-es to redirect basing on subdomain information or is there any better way?


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