Missing documentation, add disk to RADI6

  • Hi, I want to add a HDD to my RAID 6 which at the moment consists of 6 disks and no spare disk.

    I am not able to grow the RAID in the GUI. The 7th disk does not show up in the window where I can chose disks to include them into the RAID. I tried to format it with EXT4. I tried to mount it. I also unounted it and deleted it from the list of file systems.

    The documentation does not show a lot: https://openmediavault.readthe…est/features.html#storage

    What is the right order to do this? Does a disk have to be formatted? Does it have to be mounted (probably not)? Does it have to be formatted and unmounted? Why is my disk not showing up?

    And yes, I know I should have (could have) 2 spare disks with my RAID6 but I chose to wait until it fails and plug them in later.

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