Streaming problems with Kodi (SMB and NFS; File copy using Windows works fast)

  • I'm new with OMV (and Linux in general).

    Used WHS (Windows home server) to store my movies on en stream from it to kodi (OpenElec). Never issues, no loading...
    Yesterday i setup OMV on test-system (with faster specs), want to go to OMV on WHS system.

    Now i can't stream from OMV without issues; Starting a movie shows Kodi loading icon and when it started after about 10s, when i trie to ff of jump forward 10m, playback stops.
    Tried SMB en NFS, no difference. When i copy a from or to OMV in Windows, no issues, very good speed (same machine, dual boot OpenElec and Win10).

    Can somebody please help me wiith this, thnx.

  • After 2 days trying things, here's an update...

    Too bad, nobody tried to help me though.

    1. Couldn't fix the slow/non-usable network connection between HTPC (OpenElec) and test setup (ASUS-P5QLD-Pro). Tried the "fixing slow samba guides 1 & 2" I initially installed to HDD, changed partitions to create data-partition on same disk, did't see the comment in install guide that it's not possible??? ...Used second disk with fresh install, same issue. On my final setup hardware (Intel Atom D945GCLF2) I only have 2 SATA-ports. And therefore I tried an USB-boot on test-setup; could't complete install and wouldnt start.
    Frustrated as I was, I diceded to go test with the Intel Atom board...
    2. Install to USB worked perfect to my surprise. But when connecting a HDD, OMV wouldn't boot anymore, "could not mount" and "init" errors. When installing (no HDD connected, only USB), USB was mounted as sda(1). After connecting HDD it tried to mount HDD on sda(1) and USB on sdb(1). So I did a clean install on USB with HDD connected, runs fine now. AND no issues with steaming to Kodi (HTPC)! Yeah ;-)

    This leaves me with some questions…
    A. Install guide says to disconnect all drives other than os drive. But when booting from USB this doesn't seem to work. So in case of USB failure, and need to do clean install… Risky with data-drives connected. Also on HDD failure, would OMV try to mount USB to sdb(1) instead of sdc(2)? (in case with 2 HDD's for data and booting from USB). Is this the way it is supposed to work, or are there solutions to this?
    Booting from USB was not my intention, but more like there was no other option with this Intel board because of the fact the Intel board only has 2 SATA-ports…
    B. Why is it not possible to install OMV to large drive and alter partitions after (Parted magic), so OS and DATA are on same disk? Because it seemed to work fine on test setup, only still my original issue (streaming to Kodi). I get why it wouldn't be recommended. But in case of HDD1 failure (with both on same disk), outcome is still the same as when booting OS from USB. In case of OS failure (software) and I have an Image (Clonezilla), I can still restore without losing data-partition, right???

    B.t.w. Also tried the 4.0.14 build. I noticed that after installing 4.1.3 AND updating OMV "goes back to" 4.1.12... Why is this? (sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere on forum)

    Comments on my thoughts (and/or findings) would be really appriciated!

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