Network gone after update

  • I have a fresh install of OMV 4.1.3 in a virtual machine in Proxmox, it looks fine after installation. However, after I select all and install the updates in the web UI and restart the VM. The network is gone, in the console, it said that there is no network interface. All I have done is just changed that admin password, generate a SSL certificate and force using SSL in the web UI.

    After some digging, I found that the name of the network interface is changed, from enp6s18 to ens18 in my case. I update /etc/network/interfaces manually and the network works again (and then I update the network setting in the web UI too). Things seem to be working now but I am wondering is there any bug in one of the updates?

    Any one has similar experience to me?

  • In fact, my procedures is quite simple.

    Create an VM, install OVM 4.1.3 from the CD ISO.
    Once completed, install the qemu-guest_agent by apt in console.
    Login the web UI and change the admin password. Generate a SSL certificate and forced the web UI to use it.
    Update OMV.
    Shutdown OMV, restart the VM, then network dies.

    The configuration of the VM is show as belows (some information is masked):

    name: omv4vm000agent: 1machine: q35cores: 1sockets: 1cpu: hostnuma: 1balloon: 512memory: 8192net0: virtio=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,bridge=vmbr0ostype: l26bootdisk: scsi0vga: stdsata0: none,media=cdromscsi0: <disk image>,discard=on,size=8Gscsihw: virtio-scis-single#scsi1: <disk path>,aio=native,cache=directsync,iothread=1,backup=0,serial=<serial number>,size=<disk size>

    I am intended to passthrough a disk as data drive (scsi1), but in this problem happens before I do so.

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