How to upgrade ?

  • Hi.
    Is there a way to upgrade from 2.2.14 to 4.x without loosing seetings and data ?
    I'm running omv 2.x with a large software raid 6 managed by omv (with the ext4 data-partition), a lot of shared folders, a few users and the following plugins: plex, SABnzbd, Jdownloader and cups.
    The system itself runs on a small raid1 partition (hardware-raid).

    I read that I have to do a complete new install of the systemdisk with omv 4.
    How can I keep my settings (esp. the raid config and shared folders / users) ?

    I think the 4 plungins shoud be no problem, cups is available for 4.x and plex, SABnzbd and jdownloader can be installed with docker.


  • Upgrading doesn't cause you to lose settings or data BUT the upgrade from 2.x -> 3.x is difficult.

    If you do a fresh install, there is no way to keep your settings. You would have to re-setup the system.

    All four of your plugins should be moved to docker. While a cups and plex plugin exist on OMV 4.x, I don't recommend using them.

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