USB backup drive, web gui?

  • I am trying to establish correct practice for USB backup drive usage... The forums offer conflicting advice towards the external drive and it's file system for the USB bkup plugin. So questions specific to my system are in order:::

    • External drive for backups is ext4.
    • How to mount this drive for webGui interface, allowing file transfers, both push and pull directly to the drive using webgui from a windows computer?
    • Could this be done by simply going to the drive through the OMV interface, mounting the drive manually, (which i think disables the USB bkup plugin) then using my windows interface to view the drive.
    • If this "mounting" process allows drive to be active on the windows interface, would it need to have "shares" defined through OMV in order to be accessible on the network?
    • Would there be permissions issues if files were moved to this external drive via the WebGui from a win computer?

    thnk you in advance for any info regarding my concerns.

  • I am confused by your question: if the drive is there to make a back up, why would you access it as you would do it for a sharedfolders ?

    I have my back up drive formatted as ext4 as the USBbackup plugin - unless mistaken - does not work well with other partition types.

  • this bkup drive is ext 4 as stated. I am asking for process to access the drive through the web gui. Many reasons for this such as easily move drive to another OMV computer or add files in non omv directory which would be excluded from the bkup...

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