usb backup drive conect always?

    • Does the usb backup external need to be unplugged when backup is finished, then re-connected manually for refresh?
    • Does the backup only happen when external drive is re-connected, or is it a dynamic process that happens whenever changes are made to files?
    • Should external drive be permanently connected?
    • How to verify backups are even there?
    • are backups simply a mirror with files and trees defined, or is it a compressed backup.
    • when restoring, is it a simple copy of the files to the omv raid?
  • I guess you are refering the usb backup plugin.

    1./2. The backups start automatically when the usb disk is attached. They won't automatically recur until the disk is disconnected and connected again.
    3. a backup should be stored somewhere else, especially not connected to the device it backs up. Keep the backups in a safe place, protected against fire, water and the like.
    4. Check the logs of the backup jobs (you can get them send per mail) and check regularly if the backup disk is readable and test a backup (copy files back or something similar).
    5. As the plugin uses rsync, the files are copied to the disk. No compression or any other modification is made.
    6. Yep.

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