New Nas and Mediaserver

  • Hi guys, Im planing a new Nas-system which main use will be to run OMV and Plex.

    HW i have so far:
    Case: Bitfenix Phenom mATX
    HDD: 2x HGST HE10 10 TB
    SSD: Intel 310 120gb
    PSU: PicoPSU 120w or BQ E7 350w
    NIC: HP NC380T

    Now i have to decide which MB + CPU + Ram will fit my needs. I mainly use x265 1080p moview and a maximum of 2 1080p streams at the same.

    Possible Setups:
    i3 8100 + MB + 16GB ECC
    2400g + MB + 16GB
    1600 + MB + 16 GB ECC

    I need HW Transcode. Intel with Quicksync should do it. 2400G im not quiet sure if it supports HW transcode under OMV.

    So what should i pick?

    Thx in Advance,


  • hardware transcode is usually worse. I think that a Ryzen 2200G should totally be enough.
    Maybe you should ask on plex/emby forum what they suggest since I think you'll use one of them right?
    Also 16GB are totally overkill if you need to do 1/2 transcode at time. I have 8GB and even during transcoding I never used much of it.

    Intel G4400 - Asrock H170M Pro4S - 8GB ram - Be Quiet Pure Power 11 400 CM - Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 - 6TB Seagate Ironwolf - RAIDZ1 3x10TB WD - OMV 5 - Proxmox Kernel

  • What did you end up going with? Did you install any extra vent fans or get a different heatsink for your CPU?

  • i3 8100 + MB + 16GB ECC

    Hi, also looking at a new build NAS versus other options...

    From my reading (still new to this!) if you want to do ECC RAM (desirable) then your choice of board & chipset will set you up for the CPU... then number of SATA ports is a factor, to avoid using PCI cards.

    example; server, workstation type boards + Xeon (i3 for workstations/server) CPU
    [Xeon E3 1220 v6 & ASUS P10S WS (LGA1151) + compatible ECC RAM (see ASUS website/support for list)]
    -just an example-

    I believe its more than enough power as a server, not likely to be a decent gaming rig (unless you add a graphics card, then check compatibility!), but more than enough for office, web browsing etc. (please confirm for yourself)... on board graphics would also save power and not waste resources if the box will run headless most of the time...

    Other factors are cost and power consumption... but this hardware could double as a PC workstation with OMV running on a VM under Win10 (apparently, I do not do this)... otherwise, look at the ARM platform, as I am doing... or even repurpose an old laptop or look for a used HP Microserver! (also looking at these)...

    Also, Intel is preferred as the NIC from what I read on the forum...

    & good luck ;)

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