New to OMV - Odroid HC2 and WD Red 4TB - what to do?

  • Hi,

    I already read a lot... Thx for the nice forum and Software of course!

    Got the HC2 yesterday and want to install OMV on a SD Card and use an Old WD Red 4TB HD.

    Installing OMV wouldn't be the problem at all. But I read several times, that the WD Reds are not hassle free and I have to follow a few steps - but there are several opinions.

    As a novice in that area... What do I have to do with my HD before using it within this setup? New Firmware, change some settings within OMV,...?

    Hope I will get some support - don't wanna start the wrong way.


  • What do I have to do with my HD before using it within this setup?

    Nothing. Insert the HDD, simply install OMV as recommended, fire everything up, don't fiddle around with settings (no 'static IP' crap and no disk properties) and then examine what's happening: sleep behavior and LCC (load cycle count) by listening/feeling and checking manually SMART values using smartctl -a /dev/sda after a while.

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    You don't have to do anything at all. Install and configure OMV and have fun.

    Welcome to the club! :thumbup:


    It may be prudent to avoid changing/enabling any of the Physical disk properties in the OMV GUI.

    If you want to change the HDD spindown time, it may be too quick, reflash the USB/SATA bridge firmware.

    See: 6TB WD Red in HC2 - am I definitely going to have problems with spindown?

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