NZBget docker: Python extension scripts can't be executed

  • Hey guys!

    I'm new to docker and have an issue with nzbget. I need to use an external python extension script to automatically extract passwords from .nzb filenames and put it in the password field of the .nzb file. There is a plugin doing this named (for python 2.x).
    I created a folder named "scripts" in my download folder, so far so good. I can see the plugin in the NZBget Webinterface, the problem is it won't run. I only get the error in the attached image error.png
    You can see folder and file permissions being set correct (imho). I assume the problem is within the shebang line of the script.
    Maybe somebody can help me.



  • Hey guys!

    Fixed it myself after fiddling around and googling for mutliple hours.
    For anyone with the same problem here is what I've done:
    - added the following parameter to the field "ShellOverride" in the Extension Scripts menu in NZBget: ".py=/usr/bin/python"
    - Changed the Shebang in the script to "#!/usr/bin/python"

    The script now can be executed without any error :)

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