Nextcloud /Data import from External Disk drive

  • Hello All,
    I just achieved the installation of Nextcloud on my OMV, thanks to the 2 great videos (Installation and external access) of Techno Dad Life.
    a thousand times thank you @TechnoDadLife :thumbup:

    Next step, I need to import a lot of Data (more than 100GB) into Nextcloud.
    These data are stored into an USB external Disk drive which is plugged in the OMV server
    The disk is actually mounted, and I created shared folders that are perfectly accessible via SMB protcole from a Windows laptop

    According to you all, what is the best way to import data into Nextcloud without going through the laptop ?
    and how ?

    i guess the use of rsync is recommended, but I don't know how to implement it with Nextcloud (indexing files etc...)

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • Hi All,
    finally, I installed the CloudCmd container thanks to the TechnoDadLife video, in order massively copy the data

    For testing purposes, with CloudCmd, I created a new directory under the "/sharedfolders/Nextcloud/user/files" directory, and copied a few files into it

    then I downloaded the OCC WEB App from the Nextcloud marketplace, and ran the "files:scan --all" command

    Good: New files copied previously are now indexed
    Bad: I don't have the permission the create any file into the new directory from the Nextcloud UI (even after performing a chown -R on the folder)

    Can someone help please ?
    (sorry for the french language in the screenshot)

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