jDownloader problems/crashes with self-updates

  • Hi there,

    I'm using OMV for a long time and I'm absolutely satisfied with it.
    But at the moment I've sometimes problems with jDownloader. Everything seems to be configured good, but sometimes it isn't working anymore.
    Restart via WebUI is not working, so I was looking to the jDownloader directory on the server and...
    jDownloader.jar has 0 bytes or soemtimes it is deleted.
    OK, I re-uploaded the .jar file from my local install, and it is working for some days.

    But it seems, after a self update, the .jar crashes/deletes itself ?(

    Maybe someone has a hint, how to fix it?
    Maybe rights on the files/directories? At the moment all is set to jdownloader:users

    I don't know, if it is important, but I'm using OMV-4.1.19-1

    Thanks for your help :-)

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