OMV5 or PMV4

  • Hey guys,

    I'm going to start building a new server in the next week, starting this weekend.
    Is there any info on OMV5 as Debian Buster is due out I believe tomorrow.

    I havent been around for previous releases so I have no idea on how long it normally takes to release a next major version so please excuse my ignorance if this seems premature.

    I just want to decide, as I can wait a month or 2 before putting this server live, not really in a hurry. But if OMV5 is likely to be 3+ months away I might just do OMV4 now and upgrade later.

    I'm a bit OCD and like to do clean installs of major versions.

  • OMV5 will most likely be out AFTER Buster...and will take some time to make sure it is stable. One can assume it won't come out simultaneously.

    If you look @ OMV4, it came out 11 months after Debian 9. Good rule of thumb is to assume a similar timeline.

    Debian Buster (Debian 10) will be officially launched

    "The Debian Release Team in coordination with several other teams are preparing the last bits needed for releasing Debian 10 "Buster" on Saturday 6 July 2019."

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