SFTP remotely, 150kB/sec download or upload per thread, capped? Why?

  • Hi everyone - So this is the basic issue I'm having. My searching has come up semi-empty. I am trying to use SFTP (though FTP would be fine also, I can't seem to get it to work, just SFTP, but that's probably another issue for another thread) via FileZilla Windows client and something is speed-capping each individual thread, upload and download.

    Every file I upload, is speed-capped at 150kB/sec. Every file I download, is also speed-capped at 150kB/sec. Interesting bit is, EVERY file is speed-capped that way. That is to say if I upload 5 files simultaneously, each one only goes at 150kB/sec, together (150x5=750kB/sec) so I am guessing it's a setting in OMV somewhere, potentially? I believe I have port-forwarded things properly but if someone can point to a refresher, that would be great.

    A previous install of OMV used on the same hardware and same network setup, used to run at full speed (25 megabits upload), but I'm not sure what the difference is in this installation. The SD card for the previous install became corrupted so I can't go back to it again, but I also don't remember what adjustments I made .. facepalm ..

    Thank you guys and gals.

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