blank OMV 4 - can't access from the outside

  • Hello All,

    After wasting about 20 hours with no success. Here is my situation:
    I had working OMV 3 on HDD (still have it as backup solution). Remote ssh, web admin etc. through dynamic DNS + port forwarding worked, but I used only VPN to get in and used other services locally.
    I have decided to upgrade to OMV 4 from blank putting it on second HDD if anything goes wrong. I rather deal with known problems with new setup, then deal with problems on upgrade which I don't have experience width.

    I have problem to get response from server back out on OMV 4.
    I assume router is ok, as all works with OMV 3. Using "online port forwarding testers" to OMV 3 setup, ssh port access is OK, VPN say is closed, but I can get connection successfully using my phone from the outside for VPN to OMV 3.
    On OMV 4 VPN access doesn't work, nor access to SSH, or OMV admin web through dynamic address + port forwarding.

    Please help.

  • Still deep in problem to solve this. I believe it is 40+ hours wasted. I'm killing myself with OMV literally. Please help.

    As first step I'm trying to make OMV web admin interface to work from the outside.
    - web admin works from the inside
    - Port forwarding is set correctly
    - OMV3 works - web admin and VPN as well

    I have even put new software DD-WRT on my Linksys.

    I suspect it must be something wrong with Network configuration on OMV. I don't know anymore where to be looking for the problem.
    Is it OK that in Network - Interfaces - Name of my Ethernet is called enp2s0?

    I appreciate any kind of guidance or help.

  • I wouldn't recommend exposing OMV to the WAN like that people could access everything on there.

    I'm exposing it only to see that port forwarding and communication to web interface is working. As a first step.
    Second step, then would be to successfully connecting through VPN form WAN.

    What are you using to connect OMV4 to your vpn?

    I don't understand exactly what you mean but my setup is: OMV4 - Linksys router with DD-WRT and VPN Client Pro on my android phone. If I swap HDD with OMV3 on it, then it works. Setup on OMV3 and OMV4 seem to me identical, in matter what is important for this to make it work.

    I wonder what could intensifier ... There isn't much running yet on it.

  • Second step, then would be to successfully connecting through VPN form WAN.

    There is no need to "test" that. When your VPN works, you can always reach your OMV. No need to expose the WebIF.

    However - OMV (Debian) does no magic to the network settings. When you expose your IP and the WebIF Port it should work.

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  • I tested it with new OMV4 - IT WORKS!

    I have defined problem:
    Before setting VPN I have followed this video tutorial for docker which interacted with some things which I don't understand clearly:
    How to Install Transmission with VPN on Openmediavault with Docker - YouTube

    Solution to this is to follow more recent step by step tutorial:
    How to Install Transmission with VPN on Openmediavault 2019 - YouTube

    Conclusion: If something doesn't work and it is perfectly configured, then something else might interfere which its configuration "next to it". Solution might be turning services off.

  • Yeah you got to be careful with video about setting up dockers. They are great as guidelines but you should always follow the dockerhub instruction and permissions. It can save you a lot of head scratching. popular images are constantly changing and being updated. Most dockers need PUID, PGUID, TZ, and a config location mounted.

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