Error Creating Path - SyncThing

  • Hi there, hope someone can shred some light to the problem pls.

    I am new to OMV and i am following the video post by Techno Dad Life trying to setup SyncThing. The purpose is to Sync some of my OMV Shares to one of my PC drive to replicate my OMV backup so Syncthing will push the files to the PC drive whenever I turn on the PC.

    I have managed to setup and run the WebUI of SyncThing. In the Web UI, I am trying to Add Folder based on the path /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SG4TB/Backup/SyncThing/test as shown in the image capture.

    However I keep running into error indicating 'Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SG4TB: permission denied' and Error on folder "Test" (tehhr-qaulf): folder path missing'.

    the folder 'Backup' is a shared folder and indeed 'Backup/SyncThing/test' is indeed there.. Checked the shared folder and it does have 'read, write and execute' permission.

    Can someone enlighten me how to resolve this error?

    Many thanks in advance for the help.

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