Let's encrypt - first OMV - second Nextcloud - but how to use the same certificate?

  • I installed with an install script - OMV and "Extras".

    I did after installation the let's encrypt certificate - I find it in "General" SSL - now - the OMV shows with my dyndns. domain a proper secure lock.
    To be clear - I did not install let's encrypt with docker - I did install through the plugin from the "Extras"

    I installed MariaDB and Nextcloud with the videos of "Techno Dad Life" - and everything works after some smaller issues - but managed.
    OMV and Nextcloud are up and running. BUT:

    But the nextcloud installation don't except /uses the existing certificate (warning entering unsecure website....

    Now is my question: How can I include as well my nextcloud-docker-installation - and maybe other docker plugins which might need 443 as well - under the same certificate?

    I think there should be a way to add more docker to the same let's encrypt certificate, even if they are installed after it.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Use the letsencrypt-docker by linuxserver and with the integrated reverse proxy you can connect to several services with only one or two port openings.
    To use it with nextcloud you can look at the guide by @macom and also the official guide by linuxserver

    Thanks for the info - so, does it mean, I have to deinstall the plugin, which came with the "Extras" first? If so, does it has any effects, if I install the lets encrypt docker afterwards?

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