can't resolve anything, no internet, No DNS servers known

  • this happened the third time today after I've been wiping my SSD and reinstalling OMV.
    I've been trying to set up OMV with smb, ftp, omv-extras5.14, docker and cockpit
    after some time it just stops responding to anything outside of my local network.
    meaning, I can't do apt-get update, nor install anything with apt-get. or even ping google.
    local network, web interface and ssh is all working.
    Last time I had this issue all I was using was stock OMV 5, latest update, and set up smb. no plugins.

    doing apt-get update gives me stuff like Temporary failure resolving ''
    and all /etc/resolv.conf shows is
    "# No DNS servers known."

    tried to add dns-nameservers to /etc/network/interfaces. No luck.

    my Ubuntu Installation from my other SSD works just fine.

    any ideas?

    anyways, I fixed it.
    Whoever has the same issue as me, run omv-firstaid and do the network setup.
    make sure you select your actual network adapter and not docker.
    it looks like docker uses a virtual adapter that somehow got prioritized over my actual network adapter.

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