Nginx email dont use the defined "From" and the "Subject" get a prefix from OMV

  • Hey there.

    I have created a new NAS with OMV4.
    Now i have migrate all our data incl internal website/SQL database to that.
    No problems at all...but our email sending routine on our website makes me confused :)

    The website is hosted and used only in our internal network via nginx.
    These website generates orders to our distributors with php "mail($to, $subject, $content, $header)"...
    The sending routine is running great, but:
    1) The subject would be overwritten. Subject "Orders" would be changed in "[NAS-LK.local] Orders" (Hostname of OMV as perfix with .local)
    2) The "From" section would be overwritten to the internal set notification email address on OMV, which are only used for internal Errors and so on.

    Did anybody have an idea how we can fix these two issues?

    Thank you in advanced!

  • Hi Votdev,

    sorry for my delay...

    Thats not a good information ;)
    I have installed the official Nginx and copy all the data and databases onto the new NAS.
    All is working properly...Only these tiny problem is present.

    I'm not familiar with docker stuff.
    But if i use Nginx, did it really work with an isolated docker repo?

    Is there no way to delete these subject prefix?
    Why did you know that this is so mutch critical to host the own website with the official Nginx package?


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