Building a media server for films, music etc

  • Hi guys!
    I have been given an old computer:
    Chassis: Fractal Define R4
    Motherboard: GA-X58A-UD3R
    Processor: i7-950 (Standard fan going to upgrade to probably a Noctua NH-D14)
    Ram: 3x2GB CMX6GX3M3A1600CM
    PSU: Corsair TX 650
    Graphics Card GeForce GTX570 (Going to replace won't need such a good one on a server)
    System SSD Samsung EVO 250GB
    I have 6 Sata2 3Gb/s 0-5
    I have 2 Gsata Sata2 3Gb/s 7-8 (can be used in raid config)
    I have 2 Gsata Sata 3 6Gb/s

    I was looking att Techno Dad life's video about snapraid and Unionfs...
    I have thought that at the moment I won't be using a lot of the space but have 6 x 4TB reds.
    I was going to add probably a 6TB or 8TB drive for parity....

    This server will mainly be used for films, and music....also looking at Techno Dad life's video about Nextcloud
    Is there a flaw in my thinking?
    I have, as you know ZFS on a couple of servers but thought that this would do for a media server?
    Any thoughts....

    Thanks as always!


  • Hi again!

    I was thinking is there anything I need to know while installing everything...

    I have now installed to a flash usb to give me more drive spaces in the computer...I have the 6 x 4tb reds and thinking of leaving two spaces to add to my pool at a later date (when I actually create a pool.

    In this case I was thinking to just have one pool for the 6 drives and create my shares on this pool like music, films, tv shows etc...

    I am thinking to us another computer for my snapshots...which leaves me two places....after leaving room for two more drives on my pool...

    I have been looking at using an ssd for installations for dockers... like Nextcloud....Plex and a few others....

    Does the above make sense or should I be thinking otherwise?


  • I'd personally get more RAM for ZFS, while you can survive, it might be a bit better to double your RAM.

    I have a bunch of dockers running, Nextcloud, Emby, and like 12 others.

    I have a cache mirror of 2x 1tb SSD's running BTRFS, and then my main vault under ZFS with 2x vdev's of 9x8tb RaidZ2's

    Its all working so well.

    Remember if you are going ZFS, you cannot just add an extra drive to a vdev or pool. You can increase a pool with a new vdev.

    I'd recommend you get all the drives you think you are going to want/need at the start.

    OR just use snapraid and whatever else.

  • Hi again!

    OK savellm...

    Can you tell me why you use Raidz2 instead of just mirrors?

    Have you any links to info explaining the cache in good detail...

    I am upgrading the memory to double what I showed earlier....;)


  • I dont have anything in good detail, but its just from reading and learning over time.

    People like crashtest and others that are stars.

    I used 2 vdevs of raidz2 because I wanted safety and i needed half my drives to move from my older OS.

    If I could have I'd have probably just done 1 large vdev of 18 drives in RaidZ2, just cause im not out for stupidly high perf.

    I ended up with 2x vdevs of 9 drives each cause then I get 4 drive failure and my worry was if I was running Z1, and a drive failed I didnt want another to go down during the rebuild. So Z2 and thats where I am. TBF I got like 96tb total with the 4 drives as parity so I'm not short of space :)

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