Delete Plex Library folder from OMV Share

  • Hi Guys,
    I did a fresh re-install of plex on my OMV. During the course of re-installing plex, I renamed my older version of plex to something else just in case something went wrong with my install. Safe to say nothing went wrong and the new version of plex was running just fine.
    However, when I attempt to delete the older version of the plex library folder from my App_Data share, it wont get deleted. The delete progress bar in windows will indicate that its 100% deleted, but the the folder and all of its contents is still there.
    Can somebody help me, with deleting the plex library folder ?

  • if you are really sure you can delete the old data, I suggest you do it from the cmd/shell (SSH) using the command - sudo rm -rf /path/to/folder

    but be very careful to delete the correct folder. you can do a lot of damage with the rm command :-)

    A good tip is to use command - sudo ls /path/to/folder as this just lists the files/folders at the location. Once you are sure you have the correct path them you can use the rm command.

    If you are worried about this DO NOT use the rm command...

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