RAID5 disappears when removing 1 HD

  • Good evening, I am a member of the Telegram group of OpenMediaVault Brazil and a user informed me that in his RAID5 mounting lab using the native RAID Software, when removing the HD sdd, the RAID volume disappears from the web interface, making it impossible to make the correction RAID.

    I thought it would be his mistake and set up the lab on VMWare Workstation:
    sda - System
    sdb, sdc and ssd - RAID5

    After configuring the RAID and playing some files on the share, I turned off the VM and removed the sdd with files and exchanged for a new sdd to simulate a disk exchange with SMART error and when starting, actually in the RAID management web interface it disappeared .

    Has anyone here experienced this or know if it is a known bug?

    PS: I tested on OMV4 and OMV5 and in both the problem occurred!

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