Search for SAS HBA that does not require Crossflashing

  • Hello everyone,

    I am building a NAS with omv and I need an 8 port HBA to hook up all the drives. So far I have not had any success finding a good option. I had found a LSI SAS2008 raid card as I saw some suggestions on this forum, but I was not successful in crossflashing it to IT-mode and the card is now bricked, as I cant flash any firmware to it. (The problem always is an error message something like 'Error could not write Mfg2', but many hours of trying and many hours of googling the exact error message, I was not able to get around this error)

    Due to that I want to go with a solution that does not require crossflashing of a raid card into IT mode. I also tried setting up every drive as an individual raid 0 volume, using a raid controller, but that didn't work very well for me.

    As I do have only a small budget and have already spent a good amount of money on this project I don't want to pay more than about 60€ for this HBA.

    Any suggestions for suitable cards?

    The drives are SATA but they are connected to mSAS converter cables. I do have 5 drives that need to be connected to the HBA, therefore a single port one wouldn't work. I also doubt that there will be any cheap Motherboards out there with enough SATA ports as I have already used all 5 ports on my motherboard for other drives including the boot drive.

    I hope you can help me with this.

    PS: I'm in germany so any links for parts in the us won't be of any use for me.

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