Unable to add alias IP in OMV5

  • Hi,

    I'm currently unable to add an IP alias to my OMV5 blank install.

    When I try to add a VLAN adress through the GUI everything seems fine until save:

    Before apply, I have:


    Then I loose the network completely.

    Before changes, I have:

    Content of /etc/systemd/network

    After changes, and lost network, I have:

    Content of /etc/systemd/network

    Ater reboot, I have:

    In order to get network back, I had to remove content of /etc/systemd/network/*, reboot and use omv-firstaid to create the default network interface again.

    I'm using:

    OMV 5.3.9-1

    Kernel 5.4.0-0.bpo.4-amd64

    on intel i7 with 16GB of ram

    system report attached.

    Docker and portainer are installed and working fine

    Any help/hints are welcome !


  • Hi,

    I'm wondering if I misuse the VLAN feature.

    My goal is simply to add a second IP to my network interface. An alias IP.

    I finally managed to make it work by adding an address line in the file:

    But how can I prevent OMV to overwrite it?

  • Thanks for answer.

    I finally added a copy of the network file renamed to 05-custom-enp3s0.network.

    My file is taken first and the omv one seems ignored at runtime, that's ok for me now. As the config cleaning only targets '^\d+-openmediavault-(.+)\.network$' pattern, my custom file is not removed.

    Is it a feature (alias ip) that is planned sooner or later in OMV ?

    I would suggest to support for example a comma-separated set of IPs in the address field of the interface.

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