[HOWTO] install mldonkey on OMV5 using portainer WEBGUI

  • Some history:

    This is a new HOWTO evolved from my last howto install mldonkey for OMV4:

    Please read it for curiosity.

    Initial steps; You need to create/have a user/group to use in dockers (please do not use root).

    I create user : dockeruser with PUID=1001


    and a group called Dockergroup with PGID=1000


    then you need to open your portainer ( you need to install it previosly)



    Now is time to edit my mldonkey.compose file:

    You need to change PUID & PGID acording your previously created user & group.

    You need to change volumes acording your needs;

    my Full path is /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DATA/Varios/dockers/mldonkey that is when I want to store my mldonkey config files

    and define your completed folder to a shared folders that you can see by SAMBA in my case : /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DATA/Varios/Completed

    Note: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DATA/Varios/ must exist, and Completed can be created by mldonkey docker

    Note2: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DATA/Varios/dockers/ must exist, and "mldonkey"can be created by mldonkey docker

    then you need to copy your edited file to portainer like this:


    Please do not add TZ=Europe/Madrid this was my fault and mldonkey fails if you add it ( my mldonkey.compose file do not have it).

    24/04/2020 after more testing , if posible to add - TZ=Europe/Madrid # Your Time Zone Here

    and you are ready to deploy.


    push the lower button to deploy stack and finally you have a working mldonkey :



    After that my recomendation is to change default password for user "admin" in mldonkey WebGUI.

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