General megaraid question

  • Hi All,

    This doesn't pertain to OMV directly perhaps, as I have a feeling that this is a Debian issue/nuance.

    I am using a MegaRAID card, and there is a monitoring service that is provided as a service called megaclisas-status. When this service tries to start, i get this in the logs and it exits:

    megaclisas-statusd[811]: Starting megaclisas-status monitor: megaclisas-statusddaemon: ignoring unsafe /etc/daemon.conf (/etc is group writable)
    megaclisas-statusd[811]: daemon: fatal: refusing to execute unsafe program: /usr/bin/daemon (/ is group writable)

    Does someone with a bit more linux knowledge than me have an idea how this can be addressed? I am thinking it is a permissions issue, but don't know if messing with daemon is a good idea.

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