OMV reliable?

  • Hi,

    OMV is it reliable because:

    I have this:

    So I decide to test sda with command line:

    I use smartctl offline on sda and I have this:

    So Is it normal to have error with OMV and no errors logged with smartctl?

    Too the probleme is before, OMV disabling sda because disk failure. So I change it with a new and I test the bad with hard disk sentinel and I have 0 errors!!

    Yours feeling about it please?

  • jumpman

    Added the Label OMV 5.x
  • The first image shows an I/O error that would suggest a communication issue between the drive and the m'board, the second image shows an error Aborted by host, if you didn't do this then the m'board did. So it's either the port or cable or even the drive.

  • Hi geaves

    First I test sda with webgui, but I thought To see the advancement in pourcent for example. But it didn’t. So I stop the test for To try with the command line, but the result Is same, no advancement, only Time at the end. But it s strange because I test x 3 and there isn t #3 on the second image. And in order, first I aborted the test, and second I realized the test. I don’t understand.

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