Dual or quad core?

  • For a little office of 3 or 4 people I thought of installing OMV on their PC that has an AMD F2 5300 CPU (AD5300OKA23HJ).

    In addition to RAID5 (4 HDD 1TB), sharing with Win10 PC and backups, I don't think there is any need for anything else.

    The CPU is a dual core, but I think it is sufficient.

    As memory I thought of 4GB.

    What do you think?

  • In my opinion two cores are enough for the usecase

    More cores are better (performance wise) depending on the usecase.

    But with mostly file-access it's more than enough.

    OpenMediaVault 4
    AMD Phenom 2.3GHz, 6GB DDR2-RAM
    Internal (2TB+2TB+3TB) + External (2TB+1TB+4TB+4TB) = 9TB SnapRAID with 2x4TB Parity

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