fruit_pread_meta_stream: Removing [<filename>:AFP_AfpInfo] failed

  • Hi there,

    I use two Macs to connect to my SMB shares. On both machines I experience problem with grayed out/inaccessible files on shares. When I copy a file to share via Finder it immediately becomes inaccessible to execute or rename. But I still can remove it.
    I checked samba log and found this:

    For a testing purposes I installed fresh debian 10 with just samba without OMV (before I used OMV 5), so my smb.conf is:

    Files become accessible only after deleting external attribute via: setfattr -x user.DosStream.AFP_AfpInfo:\$DATA <filename>

    And for some weird reason I didn't see any "._*" files in my share directory or .recycle. But before they were always there.

    Usually I don't write forum posts about my tech problems and I solve them by myself, but this time I haven't found anything helpful in the whole Internet about this particular situation.

    Yeah, there is not so many users with Macs, but if you're are one of those, just check your samba log if there is any similar messages in there.

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