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  • Because I'm quite new with creating docker runfiles or portainer samples I searched the web because I would like to run rclone on my pi4 with omv5. I appreciate the hard work put in a tutorial I found, but it's not helping me out because a lot of features (save config etc.) is not working. I searched on Rclone github and docker hub, but noticed that my knowlegde of docker is limited.

    So my question is: Is anyone here willing to share his/her portainer (max v2 version) sample of Rclone? Or a Docker runfile through ssh? Or can anyone point in a direction to find a solution for my 'problem?'

    Thank you very much!

    I found this tutorial: link to rclone tutorial.

  • (max v2 version)

    Why max v2? You should be able to run 3.x just fine, depending how high the docker-compose is that portainer uses.

    You also didn't state what you explicit issue is. Is the container running? Anything in the logs?



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