File system missing after reboot

  • Hi,

    I am running OMV5 on RaspberryPI4. I have one 2TB hdd connected to it. Everything was mounted successfully, i filled up the HDD and at some point after a few reboots via OMV webgui the drive is now 'missing'. I am not very well versed and would like to not lose these files. Where to start?

    Sidenote: I initially enabled SSH by creating a file 'SSH' in the root directory of the microSD card. I was never prompted to change root password and now I dont know the root password, it is not any of my passwords, openmediavault, or raspberry. Could this default 'root' have been picked up and changed by a intruder?


    • I can access OMV webGUI and SSH.
    • The Disk shows up in 'Disks' and has status 'missing' in filesystems.
    • I can see the folder on windows 10 but am getting ' Windows cannot access \\Raspberrypi\data' when i try to open the folder.
    • I was attempting to execute 'mount -all' but it does not seem to do anything even when i performed it via SSH on an account that had root access.. but at other times I was given the reply "only root can perform xxx"



  • bam136

    Added the Label OMV 5.x

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