Access OMV via second NIC

  • Hi all,

    I've been using OMV for a while, and thanks to this forum usually find the solution to my problem (these are usually far between), but this time I am out of my depth and looking for some advice and instruction.

    Long story short, finally got the WiFi drivers working on my box, and hooked up to my WiFi. This is my 2nd interface and connects to the WiFi with my IoT devices on it (my primary home network) and I want to run a Docker container with Home Assistant on it access this network.

    I am stumped on how to do this (not the Docker part, thats easy) but how to get the Docker Container to use that interface and not the primary one I've been using (enp3s0, ethernet).

    I can see in OMV and on my router DHCP table that the WiFi interface (wlp4s0) is connected, has an IP address, but I am unable to connect to OMV on the web interface via this IP.

    I assume as this isn't working, there must be some further setup and this is where I am at a loss as to what to do.

    Once this is sorted, looking for some help then configuring the Docker container to use the wlp4s0 interface.

    Hoping someone here can help. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Sean,

    I don't see why you would need to access the OMV control panel from your IoT network.

    I am using a second network interface for my Docker containers. My second interface does not itself have an IP address - it is merely the parent of my single Docker macvlan network (I named mine NIC2).

    The second interface does need to be added in the OMV Network>Interfaces tab to bring it UP on each reboot, however both IPv4 & IPv6 may be disabled.

    The containers each define their own IP addresses in their docker-compose.yml:


    OMV5 on Asrock E3C224D2I, Xeon E3-1230Lv3, 8Gb, WD Red 3Tb x3 zfs, 120GB Samsung EVO mSATA, CoolerMaster V550S, in a Fractal Design Node 304

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