Load Average, Should I be concerned?

  • Hello to all you eager Vaulters,

    This is my first post so please be gentle,

    I hope you can help with some advice or maybe rationalise some concerns.

    I'm a former FreeNas user and built my NAS on an old FN8 version and it's been happily doing me a job for a long time. Now however it is degrading, I've suffered some filesystem issues on a backup drive that seems to have impacted the whole system and frankly I've just become tired of it. Being a Linux user I should have managed the move to OMV a while ago as Debian makes far more sense to me than BSD.

    Anyway, here is my issue/question and a bit of background :-

    My build is on a spare refurbished HP Microserver with 8Gb RAM and a AMD Turion II Neo N40L / 1.5 GHz CPU (Dual Core).

    My test build so far has 3x2Tb Seagate drives in RAID5 and is running all updates as of this morning.

    Should I be concerned that my load Average is sitting at around 2.13, 2.07 and 2.03 given that it is only a dual core 1.5ghz?

    The system doesn't seem overly busy but it is re-syncing the RAID and the CPU usage is actually sitting at about 25% most of the time, when I copied a few test files up it burst to about 56%, highest I've seen is 80%. I guess I could expect this load to balance out and drop once the RAID is re-synced but this means waiting a fair amount of time and more testing so whilst I wait I thought I would ask.

    I don't plan for this system to do anything more that SMB/CIFS, SSH etc, It will not be running VM's or Docker or anything taxing but pending my testing I will be hoping to put two 8tb drives in and two 2tb drives in both configured as Mirrors.

    I just wanted to gather the thoughts of the OMV community before I invest in the new Hard Disks or..... have to rethink my setup.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Probably you're fine.

    You're using an ancient and not powerful CPU for raid taks are quite expensive.

    Wait for it to finish and monitor performance during idling and file copy.

    Either way you can tune the alert system if you "know" the average load will stay high. Tomorrow I can provide the details

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