Monitoring alert, Filesystem flags changed to readonly

  • Hello people!!!,

    I am having a problem with my btrfs volume, when an indeterminate time passes, for example 24 hours, I receive a monit alert email with the following content:


    [NAS.local] Monitoring alert -- Filesystem flags changed filesystem_srv_dev-disk-by-label-poolFS

    Host: \NAS.local
    Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 11:51:17
    Service: filesystem_srv_dev-disk-by-label-poolFS
    Event: Filesystem flags changed
    Description: filesystem flags changed to ro,noatime,compress=zstd:3,space_cache,subvolid=5,subvol=/
    This triggered the monitoring system to: alert

    From this moment the file system appears as readonly and my containers that I have on this volume begin to fail. When I reboot the system returns to normal.

    I scrubbed the volume and got the following message:

    root@NAS:/srv/dev-disk-by-label-poolFS/@homeUsers/mlillo# btrfs scrub status /srv/dev-disk-by-label-poolFS/
    scrub status for 0e696343-a445-481b-9f9f-0449d8ad65c3
            scrub started at Sun Aug 16 13:31:35 2020 and was aborted after 22:19:19
            total bytes scrubbed: 6.98TiB with 2 errors
            error details: super=1 csum=1
            corrected errors: 1, uncorrectable errors: 0, unverified errors: 0

    Can anybody help me?

    This has me a little desperate.

    Thank you

  • do a chkdsk, flags changed to read only in case of filesystem Fail

    and revise your SMART values

  • Thank you!!!

    I have already found the error, or so I think, it seems that one of the disks is giving an error.

    Thank you very much for the help

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